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Why BipBop is the best

BipBop uses dynamic pricing to ensure that you'll always get paid the most for your points. We ensure renters pay a non-refundable deposit before you book. The process is automated from begining to end -- you can manage the whole process directly on our website

Get Paid More

  • BipBop automatically increases prices for points that are in high demand. Try our Estimate Tool now!
  • Get a 5% cash bonus if you choose to be paid on check-in

Less Hassle

  • We handle all communication with the renter
  • You only book after the renter has paid a non-refundable deposit

Automated & Easy

  • Manage your point positions directly on our website
  • BipBop puts all the information needed about your matches and point position on a single dashboard
  • Positions are automatically adjusted as you're matched, and it's easy to adjust point totals yourself

The Process

Renting with BipBop is easy with 5 simple steps

Step 1: List Your Points

  • Tell us about your home resorts, contract months, and use years

Step 2: Accept a Rental Request

  • BipBop will send you rental requests that match your listed points
  • You click the Accept Match button if you approve of the price and point totals
  • You choose your payment speed. Get paid on booking or when the renter checks-in

Step 3: Book the Reservation

  • Within 24 hours you book the reservation on

Step 4: Renter Pays Balance

  • We will send you an email letting you know the renter has fully paid

Step 5: Get Paid!

  • We will send you rental payments as per your chosen payment speed
  • We will send you payouts via PayPal
More detail can be found in our Help Center


We're here to help. Read about the rental process for DVC Members in our Help Center. You can also chat with us live or or send us an email

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